pro·duce Pronunciation: 'prä-(")düs, 'prO- also -(")dyüs Function: noun Date: 1695
1 : something produced : YIELD
2 : agricultural products and especially fresh fruits and vegetables

April and will include asparagus, fresh cut herbs, strawberries, cukes, tomatoes, zuchinni, etc. as the season progresses.

You can now print or view your own color copy of the Tomato List as a PDF- Click here!

Click for Tomato Varieties!Tomato Varieties

Tomato Plants will be ready mid-April!!! Exciting tomato varieties include the new Solar Fire, Conestoga, Kellogg's Breakfast, Granny Smith, as well as popular Celebrity, Juliet, Sweet Yellow Pear, and Empire.

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Hard to find Heirloom varieties include Pineapple, Cherokee Purple, as well as popular Big Rainbow

Pepper Plants include the exciting new Yummy Orange, as well as Flexum, Cajun belle, Habenero, and Tri-color varieagata. Pepper Varieties

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